Jaguar Raves, a Merritt resident who is known for his electrifying moves while dancing up the hill, is taking his talents to new heights. 

He has recently taken a bold leap into the music realm with the release of his debut album ‘Emotions’, now available on all major streaming platforms.

But he was drawn to music a while ago. Raves got involved in the music world when he was still in high school and started using a studio software program that allowed him to create his own music.

“At first I was just making music and I was terrible at it, I didn’t make great music at all. I watched so many endless videos on YouTube and rewatching the videos, seeing carefully where to place the kicks, where to place the drums and such,” Raves said. “Then eventually, after 10 years down the road, I just started to make great music.”

Raves added that he sent out demos, but they never found the right fit for them. Wasn’t until he found a self-publishing company that he decided to release them himself.

Those who might have listened to Raves’ new album or those who wish to give it a shot might feel very connected to what he is singing about.

“I feel like they feel what I’ve been going through, with the emotions that I’ve been going through,” he said. “I’ve been going through a lot of things lately that’s been hurtful to me and my past, but even though I’ve been hurt a lot of times, like everybody else in this world, I still pick myself up and still go and dance.”

His motivation to keep on posting his dancing videos and making his music comes from bringing smiles to people’s faces.

“(For me) it’s just making people happy because, you know, you never know what people are going through on a day to day basis,” Raves said. “And if it’s just one thing that’s seeing somebody dance on social media that just might boost their levels up to be more happy.”

Raves’ music has been captivating listeners from all over the world and recently hit top 100 charts in France.