Merritt-raised Bill Brewer is off to join the Canadian Lacrosse League Development Team in Prague, Czech Republic, once again this year.

“It feels great that I was asked to come back for another year. Just it feels good to put on a Canadian Jersey overseas,” he added.

He recalls his journey up until now.

“A couple years back, I tried out for the Canadian World Juniors’ team. It was a regional trial and within that trial, I didn’t make it through but they had like my results, I guess, from that and last year a coach texted me asking if I wanna play and I had to do some background checks on it because I didn’t know if it was real or not,” Brewer added. “It turned out to be a real life development team, but still, it was sweet to get to go.”

Brewer is one of the 20 athletes from across the country who will be joining the Canadian Lacrosse League at the development team.

“First time I had it was great. The first time I got to do a bit of flying on my own. And it’s still the overall experience was great. Prague is amazing,” he added. “I was not having practice with the team at all. We were all kind of new faces and stuff, but we all worked together pretty long and did the best that we could.”

He added that his preparation for the competition is mainly going to the gym and practice at the local outdoor lacrosse box. Brewer also said that his past experience in the competition comes in handy.

“I think it’ll be a little bit different now knowing how it works. I’ll be more prepared. And yeah, I’ll have a better understanding of it,” Brewer stated. “I’ve been notified earlier this year, so I feel like I had more time to prepare as well.”

Brewer said he is excited to experience the competition once again.

“It feels nice to finally play in a competition internationally and it makes all the past years and hard work that I put into the sport worth it,” he added. “I’ve always thought about going to the Olympics and stuff when I was younger. So something like this is a real honour I would say.”

The 2024 E-Box will run from April 16 to 23 and CLL is set to compete against Slovakia, Czechia, Germany and England.