Local business promotes natural products that nurture the spirit, mind and body. 

Brooke Rankin got into the world of herbalism seven years ago, when she started studying plants.

“I’ve always been a person that’s kind of submersed in nature. But I found a really big interest in herbalism when I moved to Vancouver Island in 2016. That’s when I started studying herbalism there,” she said. “My partner, Scott, who I had met out there as well, he was really interested in plants. So I was kind of brought down this path in a very organic way.”

While Rankin was still studying herbalism, her interest in making natural products for her family members was the opportunity to kick off their project.

“We started making skincare remedies, natural household cleaners and then we were making different aim creams and stuff that my family needed,” she said. “It’s been a journey that has always been snowballing from one thing to the next and that journey brought us right here to Merritt as well.”

The couple decided to officially create their own natural products shop Earth and Soul Collection, which sells body care to shaving and hair care products as well as candles and botanicals.

“It’s all products that are inspired by Earth and come from the soul. So it’s all the things that nurture your spirit, nurture the mind and nurture the body, and that’s the beauty of it,” Rankin added. 

“We make tinctures for people to take medicine internally, we do topical skincare products for people with sensitive skin. We use mostly all natural ingredients like essential oils, herbal oil and everything derived from nature.”

Soon after they moved to Merritt, the couple got involved with the Nicola Valley Farmers’ Market.

“We thought this would be a beautiful way to connect with the community and see what’s going on,” Rankin added. “Moving to Merritt really allowed our roots to begin settling down here, which allowed other passions to truly begin budding in the direction that everything’s being pulled right now.”

“(After) moving to Merritt I could see that there was a lot of curiosity for herbalism. It’s not just in Merritt, it’s everywhere right now, because we are at a point where we are needing to turn the eye back to herbalism,” she added. “It gives us a space to empower our own health and wellness. It’s received a lot of appreciation for the knowledge that we share in the community.”

She said her business stands out in the market of natural products due to the educational side that comes with it.

“We like to encourage people to go back in touch with Mother Earth and get their feet on the ground and find that sense of groundedness, and that comes through a lot of our products,” Rankin added. “It just allows people to tap into the energetics of our products and not just use them quickly and buy another, because our products are there to touch the mind, the body and soul.”

Rankin hopes their business continues to inspire all the generations around them.

“That’s the beauty of our business. It’s not just something that we supply products for, it’s our lifestyle. That’s the beauty of it, because we make a lot of things that we use on a regular basis and we make them in bulk now and offer them to the community,” Rankin said. “We see them appreciating (the products) and being receptive in just the same way that we are appreciative (of our), so it’s a beautiful thing.”

“We just feel very blessed to be in the community of Merritt and be surrounded by people that are very curious about this lifestyle, it really helps our business grow. It’s cool to see that our influence is actually touching people’s lives like this, it’s why we’re doing this.”