With the byelection quickly approaching, it is important for voters to become familiar with the people that are running to fill late Coun. Claire Newman’s position at city council.

Norma Jean Littleton is one of the four candidates running for city councillor.

Littleton was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and has been living in Merritt since 2020.

A self proclaimed Christian, Littleton felt that God wanted her to run for council. “I just have felt that maybe I’m supposed to, now being a Christian counsellor, sometimes you feel nudged by the Lord, and even just if it’s for an experience, it’s all good,” said Littleton. “I really like the mayor and I want to be there to support him.”

Littleton’s main priority is supporting the mayor. “I think it’s just getting in there and seeing where the mayor is at and where he’s going and support that,” said Littleton. “And I’m certainly not afraid to have an opinion into stuff, at first it has to be learning, seeing what’s going on there and what their visions are.”

Serving a counsellor for the Anglican Church and years of community engagement, Littleton hopes to bring her prior experience into council. “I think I got a lot of creativity and sort of blind innocence, that way I’ll just step out and do it. It’s surprising how it turns out,” said Littleton. 

“Whatever to make it an interesting community, a fun community and a safe community, and that they can turn to the council and there’s people that care, care if they’re really struggling or upset or need to find answers.”

Another priority Littleton has is flood recovery and the downtown. “The flood needs to be looked at and also the water is definitely a concern for a lot of people, and the upkeep of the downtown for the upkeep of the businesses.”

“(My vision for Merritt is) to keep it safe, and to keep it healthy, and basically happy,” said Littleton. “Just getting in there and just being open and being excited and to be exuberant about Merritt and to help have things just fall in or keep going.”

The Herald will be interviewing all candidates prior to the byelection on April 20.