Yet another Merritt couple has won big with the BCLC.

Mitch and Florence Wilkinson took home a prize of half a million dollars in the Jan. 7 Maxmillions draw.

The numbers 3, 4, 9, 14, 28, 35, and 42 were matched with that of an Ontario winner, who the couple split the million dollar prize with.

“We bought a few more tickets than normal because we knew the jackpot was $70 million,” said Mitch, who bought the winning ticket at Black’s Pharmacy. “Even with $500,000 we were still shaking holding the big cheque!”

The win comes just over a month after a $50,000 scratch ticket was purchased at Black’s, while another Merritt couple won $25.9 million in a draw last February.

While Florence is already retired, Mitch is in his 31st winter of plowing snow on the Coquihalla, something that he doesn’t intend on giving up just yet.

“We’re still in Wonderland,” said Mitch from the BCLC office in Kamloops. “We still can’t believe it, I don’t have any words, its’s just surreal.”

What the couple will eventualy spend their winnings on is still up for debate.

“I like my job, so I’ll probably hang there a little longer,” said Mitch. “And then we’ll take into consideration what we have here, and what we’re going to do. For now we’ll just put it in the bank, let it work for a while, and we’ll see what happens.”