Merritt Fire Rescue Department crews responded to a motor vehicle fire involving a semi truck hauling an excavator, managing to contain the blaze to the vehicle itself during the late night fire on Saturday (April 15). 

Fire Chief David Tomkinson told the Herald that MFRD crews were called to the approach of Highway 5’s Exit 290 near midnight Saturday. 

“We responded to a motor vehicle fire at 11:55pm on Saturday April 15th, a lowbed hauling an excavator, at the approach to Exit 290 on Highway 5,” said Tomkinson, adding that the fire was caused by the lowbed trailer’s braking system. 

“The fire was contained to the lowbed trailer, and there were no injuries. Two fire engines were dispatched, and firefighters remained on scene for an hour.”

 MFRD crews could also be seen in action on Monday (April 17) night, participating in active training scenarios at the condemned former Emergency Support Services building on Coldwater Avenue.