The Merritt Beavers, Cubs and Scouts hosted the Kub Kar and Scout Truck Rally recently and 80 children from Kamloops, Clearwater, Heffley Creek and Ashcroft attended.

The event was held at the Lower Nicola Community Hall on Saturday, March 10.

“Everyone had a great time,” said Shauna Perkins, group commissioner for the 1st Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. “Our 1st Merritt Cubs and Scouts were very honoured to host such an event for their fellow scouters.”

Each year, the event is hosted by the victors of the previous year’s race.

Merritt’s Rory Rauch won last year, which meant Merritt was able to host the race for the first time.

The event ran for the duration of the day. The Kub Kars launched first and then the Scout truck races took place later in the day.

Perkins reported this year’s winners in the Kub Kar category: first place went to Jesse Obertowich (1st Hillside, Kamloops), second place to Conner Smith (1st Hillside, Kamloops), and third to Landon Peters (1st Valleyview).

The winners in scout trucks: first place went to Derek Sorensen (1st Hillside, Kamloops) second place to Duncan Hopkins (1st Merritt), and third to Christian Kane (1st Merritt).

The winners of best design of a Scout truck: first place went to Bradley Buttuls (1st Hillside, Kamloops) with an honourable mention for local Marius Auer (who finished third in best design for a Scout truck).