The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame is making a name for itself and Merritt on the Canadian country music scene.

Rob Miller, a volunteer director of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, represented the organization at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Saskatoon in September.

“The purpose of going there was really to fly the flag for the community of Merritt and the Hall of Fame here,” Miller said. “I wanted to make sure both the industry and attendees were aware that there is a country music Hall of Fame, and maintain the momentum built over years.”

Miller credits the Merritt Walk of Stars for raising awareness of Merritt’s status as the Country Music Capital of Canada and music industry professionals for their support.

“There’s been an excellent foundation of work established, particularly by the Walk of Stars,” Miller said.

“They’ve talked this project up, people knew it was coming down the tubes, and what we have to do now is take it to the next operational level: opening and having robust, engaging programming.”

Miller’s future plans for the Hall of Fame include getting a website up and running, sourcing volunteers and engaging community members.

Miller says his visit to Saskatoon has renewed his passion for the project.

“This is the first summer that the Hall of Fame will be open, so we really needed to have a presence in Saskatoon,” Miller said. “I was absolutely amazed with how supportive the industry is,” Miller said. “It’s very encouraging.”