Friends of the Library to host second Newcomer’s Tea and Train Celebration Event on March 23.

On Saturday, March 23, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., new Nicola Valley residents, train enthusiasts, and locals will be able to come together at the library for light refreshments.

Hosted by volunteer organization Friends of the Library, last year saw the first Newcomer’s Tea Event. This year’s Newcomer Tea will also celebrate the electric train which has recently been repaired.

“I thought what a better way to celebrate, not only this lovely local community train that people can see maybe for the 100th time or for the first time, but also to kind of have more of a kind of a theme around utilizing that library space,” said Chelsea Werrun, one of the lead organizers for Friends of the Library.

Last year’s Newcomer Tea Event was the brainchild of Shirley Reynolds. “She had this idea and this project and we thought, what a great way to come back and welcome people back into public spaces after COVID had been so isolating,” said Werrun. “We thought like, let’s just bring people together, welcome them back into public space, we’ll have some refreshments and we’ll have some volunteers sitting at tables, meeting and greeting newcomers into the area, making connections and just getting people back into public spaces staying alive and well.”

“We are so lucky to have a library in our community and, you know, books are amazing things,” said Werrun. “And so what better reason to celebrate a local free community space, get people into the library as well as just get people out and back into the community so it’s kind of important to build those connections and just bring people together.”