Local musician Barry Lindberg and Kelowna-based band Wheelhouse to perform live in Merritt.

The show is set for May 24 at 7:30 p.m., at Cactus Annie’s.

Merrittonians can expect a great party and great music, said Cactus Annie’s co-manager Derek Mosley.

“If you love Chick Jagger and The Rolling Tones, you’re gonna love Wheelhouse, that’s what every single person that listens to Wheelhouse, they’re gonna rock the house,” he added. “And I know for a fact Barry Lindberg is gonna do a good show because I’ve already been to a few of his shows, he’s already played at our place.”

Mosley hopes to bring back more music to Merritt. “We want music to be at the Legion, we want music to be at the Coldwater, Mr. Mike’s, we have involvement with them,” said Mosley.

“We want more music to come to town, more bigger bands, we can get (to) come in and play, it’s not just these other bands playing at all these little smaller venues in town, you know, if we can bring you know the town together in depth,” said Mosley.

“I just hope every comes out and supports us, ‘cause the more you us, more we can support the town and have a nice place for everyone to say ‘hey, it’s that Saturday of the month, let’s go out and have a good time at Cactus Annie’s, (they’ve) got another incredible band,’ like I want our place to be known as that place,” said Mosley.

Beyond music and entertainment, Mosley’s main priority is the patrons. “We just want everybody to come in and be smiling because, you know, I walk people to their cars, we make sure everybody’s safe, if one of us can drive you, we will like, it’s not just the taxi will call for you, one of us can leave, we drive people home, we’re trying our hardest, to make it a safe place for everybody to be.”