Merritt RCMP is asking the public to watch their speed on Highway 5 (Coquihalla) and Highway 97C (Connector) with winter conditions now in effect.

Merritt Sgt. Josh Roda, in the spirit of Christmas already, sent out the following release to remind drivers of the potential risks:

“T’was the end of October in Merritt, and all around, the snow was falling onto the high ground. Vehicles were speeding on highways without care, hoping to make their destinations as quick as a hare. From the mountain peaks, there arose such a clatter, as vehicles crashed and flipped due to white matter. Merritt RCMP and partners rushed to the scenes, placing themselves in danger with a small hope to glean. Please slow down this winter season so we all can be safe, if you see flashing lights please use your brakes!

Sgt. Roda added, “we are pleading with the public to please slow down when driving this winter season. It’s only the end of October and we’ve already been to numerous crashes on our highways and one where an officer and a partner agency were almost struck by a passing vehicle”.

Both the Coquihalla and Connector require winter tires or chains until May 1.