The City of Merritt announced on Thursday, April 14, that it will be receiving a grant worth $24.25 million from the Province of BC.

“We’ve been advocating to senior levels of government for months that we needed resources, and we’re so pleased they have heard our pleas,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

Brown recently went down to Vancouver to meet with the Intergovernmental Committee on Disaster Response and Climate Resilience to discuss Merritt’s housing budget needs.

“The money is split between housing solutions to directly help our Merritt residents who lost
everything, including the roof over their heads, and infrastructure and recovery funding to help
the community at large.”

In speaking with Chief Administrative Officer, Sean Smith, it was stated that $11.75 million of the grant will be dedicated to various housing projects. The city has been exploring a number of options, most notably, 3D printed homes.

“We are still working through with BC housing and the Province with what exactly they wanted to see for an allocation for that $11.75 million,” said Smith

“We have a number of different projects that are well advanced and so we should be releasing some more information on that as soon as we have a mandate on how those dollars are going to flow through.”

After the announcement, the City is now awaiting to enter a contribution agreement for the grant.

“We will be able to begin housing projects that support approximately 200 people, work on plans
for our wastewater treatment facilities and the Middlesboro bridge, and completely rebuild Voght
Park,” said Brown.

“There’s money for road repair, clean-up and for working on the temporary dykes that we
put in place to protect the City, and are still there as we look towards the spring melt.”