The Province of BC is awarding Merritt a $500,000 grant related to economic recovery for communities that were affected by the flooding.

The grant will assist in completing economic development projects and initiatives to support long-term economic recovery, including sustainable tourism, and business and investment attraction.

“Merritt and the surrounding area has a lot to offer both businesses and visitors, and we’re grateful for the Province’s support in this,” said Mayor Linda Brown.

“The money will support all Merrittonians by helping our economy get back on its feet, providing more jobs, and building a sustainable future for our incredible community”

The announcement of this funding comes as part of a series of rural development grants the Province has awarded to Nicola Valley including $1-million grant to the Small-Scale Meat Producers Association and $1-million to the Scw’exmx Tribal Council for the Gateway 286 project.

“People in Merritt have been through a lot in the past year, and they know how important business recovery is for community rebuilding,” said Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural and Regional Development.

“Merritt has demonstrated both grit and creativity in navigating their recovery, and I want to thank everyone in Merritt who continues to work so hard to rebuild a vibrant, resilient community. Our government, through our StrongerBC Economic Plan, will always be here to support communities to help build strong, vibrant and diverse economies in rural B.C.”

Earlier this month, The City of Merritt was also awarded $329,000 in flood mitigation funding. This grant will allow Merritt to conduct hydrotechnical assessments, resulting in the development of both short and long-term flood mitigation plans.

“The funds provided by the Province will cover the costs of creating a detailed flood-mitigation plan that we expect to be complete by June,” said Brown.

“This plan will then be used to support an application to the federal government in July for funds to complete the work set out in that plan.”