Merritt Secondary School is back together under one roof. Since April 4, students, teachers, and faculty members have all reported back to the MSS campus at it was finally restored after the big flooding event back in November.

“When we were displaced, it was hard to be a collective,” said Adriane Mouland, Vice Principal at MSS.

“Now that we’re a collective again, it feels way better that we’re all together.”

Along with the great news of the campus reopening, everybody at MSS was greeted with the lifting of COVID restrictions.

“It’s like we’ve won twice,” said Mouland. “We all got go back home at MSS and COVID restrictions have lifted, so we are almost getting this two for one deal and we’re extra excited.”

Earlier in March, the Province of BC announced that it will lift COVID restrictions, which included mask requirements, and limited capacity for indoor social gatherings. These restrictions have kept the school from hosting extra curricular activities and sporting events to the extent that they wanted.

“Being back together, I think students have the opportunity to reconnect with peers,” Mouland stated.

“I think we’re going to have cross grade where our junior students will be able to connect with our seniors.”

An unrestricted operation now opens up the school community to many activities outside of academics. Mouland believes that fun is a very important component that was missing before but now they can get back to having.

“I think that’s everything,” said Mouland. “I think that is what we want for our school which is to come together as a community.”

Dani Turmel is a senior at MSS as well as a participant in the leadership program. Turmel is excited that many extracurricular activities can now be done on campus.

“I am looking forward to feeling like things are back to normal at school,” said Turmel. “I am excited to play and compete for my community again.”
Since returning to school, Mouland has observed changes in the students’ demeanor.

“The energy from our students is a real sense of relief,” Mouland stated.

“I think there’s something energizing about them being able to reconnect with other students and teachers they haven’t connected with based on what campus they were on.”

Mouland added that open gyms and “intramurals can return.” She is excited about the prospect of having students coming together.

“I believe that there’s rejuvenation that’s taking place.”

Here is a list of the many activities that students can now look forward to participating in:

Battle of the Books – Book Club

Mountain Biking Club

GSA Club

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Staff Soup Club

eSports Club

Badminton Team

Golf Team

Girls’ Soccer Team

Ultimate Team

Battle of the Grades

Spring Dance