Merritt Secondary School grade nine student wins contest to design the official challenge coin for the upcoming regimental ball.

Grade nine student Charlotte Sine’s design was chosen among her classmates by the Merritt RCMP regimental ball committee.

“The regimental ball committee reviewed the artwork of the different students and we were over the moon impressed with Charlotte’s design, we think it really reflects the Nicola Valley really well,” Merritt RCMP Sgt. Brock Hedrick said. “I know that’s hard to do on a coin and I think it’s a really good reflection of the Nicola Valley.”

Created during the First World War, the challenge coin started as a military tradition and later on extended to police forces around the world. On the coin, one side usually has the RCMP emblem while the other has symbols that represent the city the officers work in.

The coin is often traded around the world to show mutual respect between police forces or to give thanks.

In her sketch, Sine chose to portrait a few of the iconic buildings around Merritt – like the Coldwater Hotel, Quilchena Hotel, Court House and the Baillie House.

“I just started to think of buildings that I thought were just sort of unique and not basic, I guess,” Sine said. “Like the Quilchena Hotel, my parents got married there and then just like some of the buildings I just thought were really pretty.”

Alongside with the buildings, Sine chose to sketch other elements that represent the nature around the Nicola Valley, such as the sun, mountains, rivers and trees.

Sine said it feels nice that her artwork was chosen.

“It feels pretty cool, I wasn’t expecting it,” she added.

The Merritt RCMP was so impressed with the design that Livesey created that they’ve also incorporated it into their own challenge coin.

“We were actually in the process of redesigning the Merritt challenge coin and we were so happy with that centre design from Charlotte’s coin that we actually incorporated that into our main challenge coin now,” Sgt. Hedrick said. 

Livesey was presented by the Merritt RCMP with the challenge coin she designed and the new Merritt RCMP detachment challenge coin.