Merritt Secondary School’s We Care Crew wants locals to walk a mile in the shoes of those living without access to clean drinking water.

Well — 3.2 kilometres to be exact. The club hopes to raise awareness and funds by hosting a local version of the “Walk for Water” event, organized by the WE Charity.

Participants in the local Walk for Water campaign will be encouraged to walk 3.2 kilometres while carrying 40 lb of weight, an approximation of the average distance and weight carried by women and children to access clean water in water scarce countries.

But if people want to participate without carrying the weight, they are more than welcome to join the walk on May 9, said Olivia Schmid, a Grade 10 student who is a part of the We Care Crew.

The club is also accepting donations for WE’s global Walk for Water campaign, which aims to build wells and increase access to clean water in impoverished countries.

Donations can be dropped off at the MSS front office, or to any students who are a part of the We Care Crew, Schmid said.

The local walk is set to get underway at 2 p.m. on May 9, with participants leaving from Merritt Secondary School. There is no sign-up necessary to take part, said Schmid.