Merritt Secondary School (MSS) Ultimate team clinches spot at the BC School Sports top 10 rankings for the province.

The MSS Ultimate team secured the tenth spot at the latest provincial ranking, which is based on games played on or before April 16.

“I know for the team as a whole, as soon as they found out they were just so incredibly excited that those rankings came out, that we made the top 10,” said Taylor Larter, coach of the Merritt Secondary School’s Ultimate team.

Larter added that the recognition feels right and feels exactly where they should be.

“I was just blown away because as much as it is coaching, it’s really the players that are putting in the efforts,” he said. “They’re coming to practices, they’re learning as much as they can and just pushing themselves on the field. That’s all them. The top 10 standing is reflective of their effort, which is just incredible.”

According to Larter, a couple of the teams that also are present in the top 10 ranking are teams that the MSS Ultimate team plays regularly.

“I hope we can beat them and knock them down and be a little higher up,” Larter said. “I also think we feel like we have the potential to do quite well this year, because of those top 10 teams, half of them are from the Interior. So, this is no longer a Coast-dominated sport, it’s here. The Interior has some power now.”

Larter hopes that the sport continues to grow in the community and to other grades as well.

“I’m really hoping we can start building the momentum for ultimate frisbee at elementary schools,” he said. “So, it’s my hope to get out there in May and June and just kind of spread the word and get them into it so that we can kind of build it up more.”

He invites everyone in the community to give it a try and see what ultimate frisbee is all about.

“It’s a really fun sport and something really easy. All you need to get started, all you really need for a game is a frisbee,” Larter added. Ït’s really easy to get into. I just would love to see it grow here because I think there’s a lot of potential.”