Merritt Secondary School Ultimate frisbee team clinched their third AA Okanagan Championship in a row. 

Taylor Larter, MSS ultimate frisbee team coach, calls the achievement “impressive.”

“Some of these kids have just picked up ultimate this year, some of them joined last year, but there is a core group of students who have had every year that we’ve won, so it’s kind of exciting for them,” he said. “It’s their third year with a banner. We’ve got them displayed up at the front of the school right now and then we’re gonna put them up on our gym wall, so it’s really exciting.”

“I knew it was gonna be tough, so when we had that victory confirmed, it was just like ‘guys, we did it’,” he added.

Larter said that the MSS ultimate team had tougher games during the AA Okanagan Championship since they faced teams that they’ve lost to in previous tournaments.

“There’s some rivalry (between the teams) and added pressure to get back at this team and also prove that we are the better team,” he said. “It was a really tough first game, but we wonn and it was really close.”

The MSS ultimate team will join the other 31 teams heading to provincials now which are set to happen for the first time ever in the Interior. 

The tournament capital of Canada, Kamloops, will be hosting the ultimate provincials set to happen between May 23 and 24.

“I’m really excited that it’s in Kamloops, especially since the sport is growing in the Interior,” Larter added. 

Larter added that at the end of the day, their goal at provincials is to make into the top eight.

“I mean be cool, like to win it all, obviously, but there’s some really, really good teams that we’re gonna go up against, but it’d be cool if we can make it into the top eight,” he said. “But even if we don’t, we’re still top 16 in the province, we’ve been top 10 for almost an entire season. That’s not something that’s been really held on to before by a Merritt team I think over a decade.” 

As they focus on provincials, Larter said that, in terms of strategy, the main thing that they want to be sure of is that every player is comfortable while being on the field.

“We’re really working on having flow in our movements on the field, that’s our biggest thing. If we have flow, we can tackle whatever comes up against us,” he added. “We got also a couple of tricks up our sleeves with some plays, but we’ll see what happens there.”

“It’s been an amazing season. We’ve won West South three years running, we’ve won Okanagan for three years running, we’re going to provincials for a third time. I don’t know the last time there’s been a team sport at the high school that’s had such success nor such positive community building experience.”