Race aficionados will soon hear engines roaring and tires screeching as the racing season is near.

On May 18 and 19, Merrittonians are invited to come by the Merritt Speedway to check the 2024 season opener.

As the speedway gears up for its 2024 season, Dale Calder, president of the Merritt Stock Car Association, said that fans can expect an exciting year.

“We’ve got new classes coming out, faster classes than we’ve ever had,” she said. “There’s been lots of improvement out there this year, especially for the fans and we want them all to come out and check them out and enjoy the family fun entertainment.”

Calder said that we might see some new faces in the dirt track as well.

“Definitely have some contacts with new people wanting to get into racing, nothing confirmed yet,” she added. “A lot of them are still working on their cars, but they are hoping to have them ready for the first weekend.”

“There’ll be new racers, there’ll be longtime racers, there’ll be races that have only been there a few years and some have been there for over 30. So a great big difference in age ranges versus abilities.”

Calder said that the enthusiasm is something that catches her by surprise every season.

“It never seems to die and it’s still growing, you know? I’ve been in the sport for 47 years now and we’re always evolving,” she added. “There’s older tracks that were closed for a number of years and we’ve been working to reopen and seeing the sport starting to come back again, so that’s really great.”

She hopes to see a lot of Merrittonians in the stands for the season opener.

“It’s gonna be exciting and it’s one of those sports that you don’t think you might enjoy but it’s very exciting.”