Merritt Secondary School student wins $150 after placing third in the Youth Remembrance Contest.

Ryan Ouimet, a grade 10 student at MSS, placed third out of 6,435 students in B.C. and Yukon.

Students were given the options to create a poster, essay, poem, or video. Entries were judged by the Vancouver Fire Department Station 1 and the RCMP Community Policing Unit E.

Ouimet won with a poem paying tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers during the First World War.

In preparation for the poem, Ouimet watched approximately six hours of First World War documentaries.

“Just kind of diving deeper into research and seeing kind of what really happened in emotions and how people felt,” said Ouimet. “Really high emotions, and a lot of violence and death and sacrifice.”

Ouimet believes his generation does not ‘nearly enough’ understand the significance of the First World War. “There’s not enough people who understand what happened,” said Ouimet. “It affects everybody, but nobody really saw what truly happened. They all don’t really know how to believe it.”


Remembrance Poem

In trenches deep, they stood as one,

Heroes under the setting sun.

World War’s chaos, the battle’s might,

Soldiers brave, ready to for the fight.

Through the smoke and gunfire’s roar,

Marches to battles, ready for more.

Their hearts ablaze, courage filled,

In the face of darkness, they were skilled.

On Remembrance Day, we bow our heads,

For those who fought, and those who bled.

In memory of the sacrifices made,

In wars and battles, in the darkest shade.

They left their homes and loved ones dear,

To protect the values, we hold nearby.

In far-off lands, on foreign shores,

They fought with honor, through countless wars.

They forged a path through fear and dread,

With every step, they pushed ahead

To victory’s hope, and peace’s call,

Their sacrifice, we honor them all.

In flanders field, poppies blow,

A symbol of the debt we owe.

To those who served, who stood so tall,

On Remembrance Day, we remember all.

We play their mournful tune,

Silent tribute, beneath the moon.

Honoring soldiers, strong and true,

On Remembrance Day, we remember you.