Merrittonians won’t want to skip this birthday party as Jen Dickson celebrates her 50th birthday at Cactus Annie’s.

On March 23, party lovers will be able to dance to the Chick Jagger & The Rolling Tones all night long. Tickets are available at Cactus Annie’s or EventBrite and include an appetizer buffet.

Derek Mosley, co-manager at Cactus Annie’s, with the help of Cactus Annie’s co-manager Allison Greening, has decided to host this event. Mosley, who has known Jen Dickson since she was 12 years old, said that she came to him asking if he would be on board to host an event like that.

“I said ‘absolutely’,” he added. “We’re trying to get the music team going again in town. We’re trying to bring back more local artists and trying to bring in comedians and stuff in the future. So Jenny, with her 50th birthday, is helping us launch that.” 

He added that they’re happy to be hosting an epic event like this.

“I grew up with them all so it’s gonna be a blast,” Mosley said. “It means a lot to me to be able to host Jenny’s 50th birthday.”

Mosley is hoping that the event will be the first step for the business to bring back the old times of the establishment.

“I would like to get some of the local musicians in with some out of town musicians and get Cactus (Annie’s) back to The Val Nic days … where there was always bands playing and the locals were dancing,” he added. “I think Jenny and her friends will bring in a lot of that atmosphere.”

“We just want to have that rock and bar again, where you go in and you see live music, get up and dance.”

He added that he hopes everyone that joins will have a great night.

“I want everybody I want everybody to walk away and go yes, that was fun. That reminds me of the old days.”