With the byelection quickly approaching, it is important for voters to become familiar with the people that are running to fill late Coun. Claire Newman’s position at city council.

Peter Coghill is running for the first time for office and is one of the four candidates running for city councillor.

Coghill has decided to put his name in the poll after his family gave him the encouragement to put his name forward.

“I wanted to get involved with the community and to see what I can do. Being a councillor to help to revitalize the community, and to try to get the community to be tighter together,” he said. “A tight knit community along with the bands and societies that are out there.”

Despite not being from Merritt and only moving into town in 2018, Coghill said he has learned to love the community.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re here for, you know, five generations or not, you have more appreciation for it. But it’s trying to have the pride of the community, try and get the pride with the community,” Coghill stated. “I believe I am very proud of this community and I know the potential in this community and I’d like to see it flourish.”

One of the main priorities in his platform is to help revitalize Merritt back into what it used to be.

“I’ve talked to some people and they’re concerned about it. In the last 10 years, it has been going one way and they would like to see it change around and be revitalized back to the way it was before and that’s one of the things I’d like to help with,” Coghill said.

He said that long experience in logging and power engineering makes him a versatile person, being able to adapt to different scenarios and challenges.

“I think that will help me out quite a bit with interacting with the forest industry community, from logging, sawmill,” he said. “The other one (skill) I have is my ability to actually learn in what I do. One of the things I’ve done was I went back to school and got my power engineering and started that. So being able to adapt to a totally new job site, having the knowledge of the challenges that are there.” 

At the end of the interview, Coghill stated he hopes people will vote for him.

“Come and vote because it’s the voice of the people that will elect who they think is the best candidate for that position and I think that I can bring a lot to the table.”