November 15, 2022 marks the one year anniversary since the disastrous floods took over Merritt. Caused by an atmospheric river and an estimated 300 milimetres of rainfall pouring in the span of two days, the November floods cost many Merrittonians countless dollars worth of repairs to damaged homes and properties. One of these residents is the recently inaugurated Mayor, Mike Goetz. 

The Herald spoke to Goetz to get his thoughts on the flooding event, how the new elected officials are dealing with its impact, and what he plans to do to commemorate its one year anniversary. 

Q:How did last year’s flooding event affect you personally? 

A: “Last years flooding affected me personally as I was flooded out and was sent to a hotel for 15 days. I lost a lot of personal items and have been working on my house for 12 months, but I consider my self lucky to still have my home.”

Q:How is the City of Merritt now dealing with flood resiliency? 

A:”What’s most important right now with flood resiliency is the rebuilding of the dikes. Unfortunately,  to find out one year later that we have no funding or funding model to help with this rebuild is both shocking and disheartening. Now my job and the job of Council is to find out a new funding model and when it can go live so we can get our rebuilding underway ASAP.”

Q:What are you planning to do to commemorate the climate disaster that took place last year?

A:”On the morning of November 16, I will walk through all the affected areas in Zone 3 and 4 to remember where we were a year ago and how far we have come. If anyone would like to join in or talk with me on my walk please do. This is something I will do every year.”

Goetz noted that he will gladly answer any questions residents walking with him may have. His walk will begin at the Riverside Trailer Park at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, November 16.