A new traffic light replacing the one that was knocked down by a truck last month at the Nicola Avenue intersection with Voght Street is in the works.

An electrical contractor for the Ministry of Transportation had workers on site today (Jan. 10) installing the new concrete base of the pole, which was damaged in the collision, said Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Danielle Pope.

Crews are scheduled to return tomorrow (Jan. 11) to install the signal pole and hook up the associated electrical works, she said.

On Dec. 19 at about 9:00 p.m., a semi-truck, which was accompanied by a pilot car, sent the original traffic light to the ground when turning right from Voght Street on to Nicola Avenue.

The pole was dragged about 100 feet down Nicola Avenue by the semi-truck.

The driver has since been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failing to obey traffic signs and driving on the sidewalk, which resulted in fines.

After the pole was knocked out of commission, the intersection was reverted to a four-way stop and a temporary pole-mounted stop light was installed to bring the intersection back to a phased signal.