The bodies of two Langley teens, Austin Kingsborough and Brendan Wilson, have been found in Nicola Lake after a search by an independent company from Idaho.

The company, which specializes in recovering bodies from big lakes, had been brought up by family friends after the RCMP had halted their search on Friday.

The bodies were located at a depth of 75 feet in Nicola Bay near the area where the canoe had been located two weeks earlier.

The two boys were vacationing in Merritt and staying at Brendan’s parents’ cabin on Nicola Lake. The two were reported missing on Sunday, April 23 after going canoeing on the lake and not returning.

“It sounded like the couple that came from Idaho began their search yesterday (Sunday) until it got dark,” said Merritt RCMP Cpl. Tracy Dunsmore. “They were out first thing this morning (Monday). One of the family members said they had had a hit. At that point it became a coroner’s investigation.”

Dunsmore said the bodies were quickly identified as the two Langley boys.

She said the equipment used by the Idaho company was essential to finding the bodies.

“It took them about a day and a half to find them,” she said. “The area they were located in was 75 feet deep. The equipment they have is apparently more sophisticated than the equipment we have. And this couple has been doing this since 1999. This was the 83rd or 84th people they’ve found. It’s a long lake and quite deep. There’s a lot of silt, a lot of debris down there and that presents quite a challenge to the divers.”

Dunsmore said its important that the family now has closure and is able to properly mourn.

Family representative Scott Lebus said: “the boys are home, please put out a big thank you to all of Merritt for their love and support. The Ralstons (from Idaho) arrived last night, this morning I had the honour of being on the boat when the Ralstons located both boys. The families are sad but there is a huge sense of relief and I personally feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me.”