Silviculture companies and more than 4,500 tree planters across BC have now raised close to $81,000 by donating a portion of their earnings to local food banks in honour of World Hunger Day.

One of those companies was Leader Silviculture, which was profiled in the June 11 issue of the Merritt Herald for raising $3,490.30. Now, Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. has joined the fundraising efforts, donating $1,000 to the Nicola Valley Food Bank.

“Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. is planting in twelve locations in B.C. this spring,” explained co-owner Tony Harrison.

“Our tree planters, supervisors, and the owners donated a portion of their earnings on World Hunger Day to food banks in the communities they are working in.”

The total donations for Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. was $14,500, divided between the 12 different communities, with Merritt receiving $1000, Princeton receiving $500 and Lillooet receiving $500, to name a few.

“The donations are from a sector appreciative of the support it has received from rural community leaders and suppliers,” said Harrison.

“The planters feel privileged to work safely during the pandemic and wanted to give back to the community during this time. All involved are thankful and eager to share that good fortune with others in need of help. All funds raised were donated to assist families and individuals dealing with financial uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Nicola Valley Food Bank is receiving record breaking amounts of donations and attention, thanks to Darius Sam’s incredible 100-mile run. At the time of writing, Sam’s GoFundMe had received just upwards of $46,500 with long-time Merritt family the Roses committing to matching donations up to $35,000 for a whopping $81,500. Add to this the $3,490 from Leader Silviculture, the $1000 from Zanzibar Holdings, and take into account that the donations made directly to the Food Bank in Darius’ name were estimated to be $8861 on June 15, and the Food Bank will be collecting in the ballpark of $95,000.