In 2019, Merritt Secondary School (MSS) teacher Shelly Moorehead began the Cold Weather Shelter Clothing Drive for grads to give back to the community. This year, the tradition continues with the 2023 Grad Class is beginning the drive.

“Over $60,000 goes into Merritt’s grad classes every year, including scholarships and bursaries,” said Moorehead when explaining why she felt the need to start the Cold Weather Shelter Clothing Drive in 2019. 

“Our community gives so much to our grads, I felt like they should have a way to really give back.” 

While talking to Moorehead, she said, “In 2019 and 2020, our grads donated over 100 pieces of clothing each year. This year, I’m hoping we surpass 100 pieces of clothing. Ideally, every grad will donate at least one piece of winter wear.”

Winter is a tough season for many families, and winter apparel is expensive. Donations can be used or new, whether it be gloves, scarves, jackets, or earmuffs, anything helps. 

“Most of our grads are downtown during lunch or in the morning, so taking five minutes to purchase a pair of gloves or a toque from the dollar store on your way to Tim’s or Starbucks is not hard,” Moorehead said, emphasizing that donating is possible for every grad, whether they are purchasing something new or bringing in something they do not wear anymore. Whether it be a jacket that no longer fits or a pair of thick socks you bought just to donate, every piece of clothing will be appreciated. 

For any questions, please email Shelly Moorehead: