Garbage bags have never been so fashionable.

In an effort to promote green schools and raise money for grad, a handful of Merritt Secondary School students strutted down the runway wearing prom-themed fashions made out of recycled materials last Thursday.

It was an evening reminiscent of Project Runway as the grads modelled their creatively handmade outfits that ranged from materials such as duct tape to old umbrellas and inflated rubber gloves.

As well as perhaps sparking some new fashion trends, the environmentally-minded students also managed to raise approximately $600 to go towards the graduation celebrations this year.

While most grad fundraisers are typically organized by parents, Taylor Smith, acting president of the student council said that with many of the council graduating they decided to contribute to the effort by organizing an event of their own.

“We decided that since we’re promoting green schools this year, a good way to promote that was to use recycled materials in our fashion show,” said Smith.

It wasn’t hard to find outfit ideas – a few searches on the internet revealed plenty of eco-friendly designs – however, for some the clothing took quite an effort to make.

Smith, who her made her dress completely out of magazines, spent hours folding the pages into little fans and putting them all together.

Altogether fifteen models made an appearance on the runway, including two brave guys and a guest appearance by MSS principal Bill Lawrence at the finale.

In between showcasing their new fashions students also demonstrated various talents such as a gymnastics presentation and some musical numbers.

Several participating students were seasoned models after being involved in last year’s talent show sponsored by businesses in the community, while for others the experience was new and a little nerve-racking.

“I felt one girl’s pulse before she went out and it felt like it was going to come right out of her neck,” commented Smith.

Overall, student council was pleased with the fashion show and the number of people from the community that came to show their support.

“I was very pleased with both the community turnout and the show itself,” said Lindsay de Visser, a teacher at MSS.

In addition to the green fashion show, student council was instrumental in developing a blue bag recycling program.

“Every classroom now has a blue bag so you always have the option to recycle,” said Smith. “And as our next project we are going to try and get a garden going.”