By Sarah Desrosiers, contributor.

On Sept. 25, the NatureKids BC Nicola Valley Chapter celebrated World Rivers Day by gathering at the Coldwater River for a Salmon Explorer event. Biologist Paul Mozin with the Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority joined the club for the morning as their guest mentor. Paul taught the group all about salmon and other fish species that live in the Nicola Watershed. 

Youth and their guardians learned about: Coho, Spring and Chinook salmon life cycles; how they navigate to the ocean and back to their original spawning grounds; as well as cumulative impacts affecting fish populations. Kids had fun exploring the banks of the river and searching for invertebrates under rocks by the water edge. 

The research is clear, kids need nature. They become healthier, happier, and more focused when outdoors. A love for nature and wanting to go the extra mile to protect it takes years and is made possible by ongoing and meaningful moments engaging with nature, getting to know local plants, animals, and wild places. Organized by local nature club leaders, Explorer Days are regular outings that offer parents and their children the opportunity to connect with the outdoors. 

The local NatureKids BC club has a lot of great events planned for the year including a ranching day, a BC wildlife Park raptor researcher outreach program, and a snowshoe tracking winter event!

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