Pineridge Cemetery upgrade construction will continue until the end of July.

The City of Merritt is installing two new columbarium units, bench seating and memorial plaques for the scattering garden.

Currently, the City is working on creating the foundation for the two new columbarium units. Each columbarium will have the capacity to hold 40 urn niches. 

Additionally, the City has invested in plaques for the scattering gardens. According to director of public works and engineering services Rick Green, the plaques are approximately two inches square and will fit into a book of plaques with descriptions of who was scattered.

This expansion is part of a larger cemetery plan.

“(Over the next 25 or so years) the growth in Merritt would require about 570 total cremation interments,” said Green. “In about five years, we’d be tendering the next phase which was the original design that was tendered two years ago, that we would go to that one, that would give us 160 more which would buy us another 10 or so years.”