Merritt now has six doctors practicing again.

Dr. Morgan Lyttle is finally through the red tape that’s delayed him from working in Merritt for the past four months.

“I got my license today in Vancouver,” said Lyttle, speaking to the Herald via phone today (Feb. 24).

Lyttle said he expects to be able to start seeing patients by next Tuesday (Feb. 28).

Dr. Morgan Lyttle, who hails from West Kelowna, was supposed to begin working last fall, but ran into a slow process communicating with Health Match BC and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia regarding requirements needed to become a licensed physician — a process he said he started a year ago.

He attended medical school in Grenada and completed a three-year residency in Arizona at the end of June 2016.

Lyttle was expected to start seeing patients in Merritt earlier this month, but those appointments have had to be postponed due to continued delays in obtaining his license.

He continued to accept patients while he waited to receive the medical license he’s now obtained. He said he now has about 850 people signed up to be one of his patients, and most of them are locals.

“We’re definitely still taking patients,” he said.

Lyttle is the first doctor to come to Merritt since two longtime family physicians closed their practices last spring, leaving thousands without a doctor.

He will now joins Dr. Drew Soderberg and Errol Van der Mewre at their practice on Granite Avenue.