Provincial staff have discovered what they are calling a “significant log jam” roughly two kilometers upstream from the community of Brookmere, a small community south of Merritt that was previously evacuated due to extensive flooding from Brook Creek.

“Given the weather forecast and the potential for increased water levels, there is concerns that this log jam could be dislodged and carried downstream in to Brookmere, where it could cause further damage,” reads a statement from the TNRD.

Because of the potential danger to life and safety, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District has ordered everyone to evacuate the following 50 addressed properties:

• 872 to 933 Brookmere Station Rd;
• 905 to 920 Caboose Lane;
• 5541 to 5633 Coldwater Rd
• 5135 to 5147 Conductor Way;
• 5120 to 5132 Engineer Ave;
• 5105 to 5132 Railway Dr;
• 5152 Railway Dr;
• 852 to 1016 Roundhouse Dr.

The following addressed property remains on Order as previously issued:

• 5144 Railway Dr.

Evacuees are directed to go to Kelowna where they can register with ESS at Willow Park Church, 438 Highway 33 between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.