Lane Robinson is the Merritt Herald’s new reporter. Photo/Herald File

How do you express thoughts that you can’t verbalize? You sit down and write them out, then delete them, then write them out again and repeat…until it sounds right. At least that’s what I do. 

I’ve always been fond of creative outlets such as music, art, and writing. I remember writing epic stories and tragic ballads to pass the time when I was younger. As I got older the art of creative writing slipped away as I focused my studies on science and the outdoors. After highschool I took nearly a year off of school and traveled to the Yukon to be a fly fishing guide, when I came back to BC I moved from Littlefort to Merritt and my natural curiosity persuaded me to go back to school. 

The next three years I would spend my time between a part time job and full time school at Thompson Rivers University pursuing a bachelors of science, simply because I want to know more about the world. In my opinion, the best way to understand more about how the world works is by asking questions and talking to people, which is why I took up a career in journalism. If I have learned anything in the time it’s taken me to get here it’s that I should always follow my curiosity, wherever it may lead me.