Derek DeCandole’s arrival in late 2011 as the District’s Economic Development Officer has brought new ideas and a potential for change which, together with fresh energy is, from my viewpoint, providing a welcome change of perspective to community life.

While Derek looks barely old enough to have graduated from high school, his interest and energy in working with mayor and council to make Logan Lake an even better place to live, work, retire can’t be denied. While people, like me, may want to have a community with a designated shopping district, Derek is celebrating the fact that we have to park our vehicles off Chartrand and Opal to become pedestrians on the Lakeview Plaza. Derek believes this gathering point for community life encourages friendliness and social interaction, even if the communication is as brief as a pleasant hello offered with a smile. And, who can argue about the genuine friendliness of Logan Lake life?

If you’re someone who, like me, has “been parked” outside the Seniors Centre collecting money for Heart and Stroke or if you’ve been selling tickets as a fundraiser for a local organization, the sociable nature of residents is both evident and exceptional.

One of Derek’s initiatives is to promote Logan Lake as an age friendly community. While we haven’t yet received this designation, the district has received funding from the province through Age Friendly B.C. and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. This funding will allow Derek, together with district administration and members of council, to formulate a community planning process which will, later this spring and early summer, provide residents with unique opportunities to take an active role in defining the future highlighted by the health and well-being of individuals, families and almost, more importantly, the community as a whole.

Another initiative that Derek, in cooperation with the Economic Committee of mayor and council, is working on the concept of an open market in Logan Lake during June, July and August. The market will offer local businesses, especially those which are home-based, together with artisans and farmers, a unique opportunity and venue where goods can be marketed and sold. If there’s sufficient interest, the length of the market might be expanded to include May and September.

Derek is hoping to host an organizational meeting later this month. If you’re interested and/or want more information, please don’t delay and contact him by phone at 250-523-6225 or by email at [email protected]. I urge all those who are interested to step up to the plate to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

In his spare time, Derek will be developing a marketing plan for the district as a means of attracting both tourists and, more importantly, new residents, to a community with developing real estate options.