Latest addition to the Merritt Curling Club, the Sutton Team won 12-6 against Montgomery rink during the season’s playoffs.

Consisting of Paul Sutton, Emery Grismer, Jim Johnson, and Josh Roda, the team came together after a couple of camping trips and conversations about joining the curling club.

Despite starting as strangers, the camaraderie and support from club members made their transition seamless.

In their Feb. 22 game, the team led by Roda as their skip, strategized to keep stones in play to put pressure on the opposing team as they were down by one going into the fourth end.

The front end, Grismer and Johnson, got into third stones from Sutton who managed to get two more stones into the house. Roda, knocked two stones out of the house, a crucial shot in that game with the final score being 12-6 against the Montgomery rink, who were the number one seed in the playoffs.

The Merritt Curling Club will have their men’s championship tournament on Friday, March 15.