Looking to foster community connections, the Merritt-based Friends of the Library Club (FLC) is hosting a ‘Newcomers Tea Party’ to welcome anyone who has joined the community in the past five years. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the party, which will be a great way to get to know the community and the people living in it, says Shirley Reynolds, an organizer of the event. 

The FLC received a micro-grant from the United Way Love Fund and worked Thompson Nicola Regional Library and Staff in order to make this event happen.

“Chelsea Werrun is the lead volunteer of Friends of the Library, and she got word from Sarah Molnar that some grant money was available through their ‘Love Fund’ in support of community activities,” says Reynolds.  

“She then put a call out to the FLC to see what ideas there were to engage the community, and I happened to put out my idea, and so we created a team to put on this event.”

Reynolds says the event is open to everyone, no matter the background or story, and is completely free of charge. She noted that the FLC wants to make anyone who’s joined the Nicola Valley community in the last few years all feel welcomed, and give them a platform to meet fellow Merrittonians. 

“We have hosts who will welcome people as they come in and help initiate conversations,” says Reynolds. 

“I encourage people to tell two friends to tell two [other] friends, as we are trying to get at least 40 people to this event. There will be light refreshments, and we are being assisted by the Girl Guides. They’ve made paper flowers to help decorate the tables, and I believe they are going to help serve as well.”

The Newcomers Tea Party will be on Saturday (April 1) at the Merritt Library on Garcia Street.