Nicola-Canford Elementary School students, staff and local commuters will now have a short-term solution for pedestrians who are walking to and from the school.

At the latest board of education meeting on Nov. 8, the school district announced that the access to the school via the pathway on a private property has been reopened for students and residents of Lower Nicola, starting Nov. 2.

The solution allows those who access Nicola-Canford Elementary School to do so in a safer way, which was the main priority of the school board.

Trustee Everett Hoisington considers the solution a “win for the community of Lower Nicola and the community at Nicola-Canford.

“This is a huge win.”

Dylan Richardson, secretary treasurer and chief financial officer at School District 58, added that the school district is happy to bring an update on the matter.

“We’re just pleased that we’re able to regain access to that pathway for a short-term solution,” he said. “Now (it) allows us to work towards a longer term solution, so we look forward to bring you more updates.”