Editor’s note: The previous version of this article contained an error, citing the walkway to run through Turner Avenue and Aberdeen Road into the school. This information has been corrected, citing Bailey Avenue.

School District 58 to apply for permit to operate and maintain space for walkway.

If approved, SD 58 will build a three metre wide walkway running from Bailey Avenue directly into Nicola-Canford Elementary.

The space SD 58 hopes to build this walkway currently sits on private property. The school board currently has an agreement with the owner of the property to allow students to walk through the property to get to school.

The school board expects the permit walkway construction to take up to 18 months and permit approval to be faster than the previous preliminary work invested into this walkway.

Trustee Justin Jepsen extends his gratitude to the school board and key stakeholders for getting the project underway.

“I think the biggest catalyst was that meeting that we had with everyone, all the players got in the same room and just sat together and figured it out, and that was your guys’ doing so just wanted to say thanks for that work and I think the community and the kids in Lower Nicola are quite thankful and they will be thankful for years,” said Jepsen.