It is anticipated that the heavy rainfall experienced over

the past 48 hours will cause the streamflow in creeks and rivers

feeding Nicola Lake to increase and remain high for at least another

two weeks.

Residents and resort owners along Nicola Lake, in low-lying areas

through the City of Merritt, and downstream along the Nicola River

are advised to take precautions to minimize damage to property. This

may involve moving or raising items that may be impacted by rising

water levels.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

operates Nicola Lake dam and regulates the water levels on Nicola

Lake. To limit the rate of rise expected from the increased inflow to

Nicola Lake, the ministry has scheduled an initial increase in

outflow rates for later this week, with a potential for additional

incremental changes in outflow over the next 10 days.

Residents next to the lake should expect some shoreline flooding. The

public is advised to prepare for possible flooding of low-lying areas

by moving equipment and other assets from these areas to higher

ground, where possible.

During periods of high flow, river banks may be unstable and more

prone to sudden collapse. The public is advised to stay well away

from the banks of fast flowing streams and flooded areas or bridges.

Young children and pets can be at particular risk during this period.

Although the ministry is actively managing Nicola Lake Dam to

minimize negative impacts both upstream and downstream of the dam,

residents should be aware that unforeseen adverse weather conditions

may affect water levels and flow forecasts, and result in some degree

of flooding along the length of the river.

For more information on flood prevention and flood response, visit: