The flooding event back in November of 2021, had caused an extensive range of damage throughout multiple highways, the Merritt community, as well as Lower Nicola. The floods destroyed infrastructure, isolated communities, many of which are First Nations, and caused altered river flow.

Through an agreement with the Lower Nicola Site Services (LNSS), Nicola Mining will assist in the repairs of destroyed infrastructures in Lower Nicola.

“Both sides wanted to do something for the community,” said Peter Espig, CEO of Nicola Mining Inc.

“LNSS has skills that we don’t have in Nicola. It was the perfect partnership and the perfect opportunity to work together.”

The five-year agreement gives LNSS exclusive rights to utilize resources such as rocks and gravel at the Craigmont Mine while in return, the Nicola

Mining will receive per-tonne royalties for all materials extracted. LNSS will use the riprap to repair vital infrastructures next to rivers and streams for fortification against future floodings.

The mining company will be responsible for bonding while LNSS will shoulder the rest of the accrued costs. Royalties paid will go towards maintenance of Nicola Mining’s site. At the end of the agreement term, LNSS will have an option to extend for another five years.

“This is going to provide a lot of jobs and opportunities,” said Tyler Bateson, Infracon’s local area manager for Merritt.

“It will help speed up the repairs on Highway 8 and help protect the properties and homes along Nicola River from potential future flooding.”

Under the Agreement, LNSS will also get preference for services that it provides over other contractors, so long as these services are deemed to be competitive.

On March 29, 2022, Nicola Mining successfully received their Notice of Departure: Extraction and Processing of Rock at the New Craigmont Project from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI) for its M-68 permit.

The request asks for an allowance of up to 3.0 million tonnes of inert available rock material for the infrastructure repairs at a production rate of approximately 1500 tonnes per day. Nicola Mining initially submitted the Notice on February 4, 2022.

There is also an application submitted for a gravel pit at the New Craigmont Mine site. had held a gravel pit permit, #G-15-19, Nicola Mining’s five-year mine plan had expired and requires an updated mine plan from a certified engineer. LNSS and the Company have already commenced the application process, including mine pit design, for an application to EMLI.