The return of the Nicola Nordic Ski Club’s annual Chili Sunday event did not disappoint, bringing back action packed skiing fun, coupled with homemade chili, and a chance to socialize for local skiers. Roughly three dozen attendees enjoyed the sunny weather, well kept trails, and chili circle camaraderie on January 15 at the club’s Kane Valley trail system.

Chili Sunday is a longstanding tradition for the Nicola Nordic Ski Club, which has operated in the Nicola Valley for decades. The group maintains its 50 plus kilometres of nordic ski trails in the Kane Valley, approximately twenty minutes outside of Merritt. Last weekend, members of the public and the ski club gathered at Kane Valley’s parking lot number two for the beloved event.

“Chili Sunday is to encourage people to come out and try skiing, and also an opportunity for members of the club to come together, visit, share stories, and share a bowl of chili,” said Mischelle Pierce, a director with the Nicola Nordic Ski Club. 

“We had between 30 and 35 people, which we were pretty pleased with. We had snowshoers and skiers.”

While there is no official snowshoeing club in the Nicola Valley, Pierce noted that snowshoeing is permitted on select Kane Valley trails that have been marked as snowshoe friendly. The majority of trails are designated for ski use only. The trails are located on Crown Land and follow old logging roads and skid trails. No matter the activity, Pierce said Kane Valley is the place to be.

“That’s what quite often happens in the Kane Valley, it’s really dreary here in Merritt, and then you drive up there and go into a beautiful, sunny day,” noted Pierce.

The Nicola Nordic Ski Club is always accepting new members, and welcomes skiers of all skill levels to join its ranks. Their website includes reports on trail conditions, maps, membership information, and event details. New events and group skis are being planned throughout the year for club members.

The next event planned by the Nicola Nordic Ski Club is a full moon ski, happening the night before the 2023 Snow Moon. Those interested in joining the full moon ski should gather their gear and meet at Kane Valley trail system’s parking lot 2 at 7:00pm on February 4th. 

For more information on the Nicola Nordic Ski Club, visit the organization’s website at