Nicola Ranch is one of the most historic, long-running ranches in the Nicola Valley, nestled in the picturesque grasslands which the Southern Interior is well known, producing some of the best cattle in the province. 

This year, Nicola Ranch will be recognized for their contribution to BC’s cattle industry with the 2022 Commercial Angus Breeder of the Year award, bestowed by the BC Angus Association. 

Nicola Ranch focuses their breeding program exclusively on Black Angus.

“Our breeding program has been for several decades, built solely on Black Angus cattle breeding,” said ranch manager, John Parkes. 

“Our cows, I’d say we’re six or seven generations in our cow herd straight black.” 

February is calving season, and the cowboys at Nicola Ranch are busy as a new generation of cattle are born, complicated by the fact that the area has seen the temperature plunge as low as -19°C. 

Parkes notes that while it certainly isn’t ideal when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with their best laid plans, “It is what it is. We’re ranchers, we’ll endure.” 

Bob Miller, President of the BC Angus Association (BCAA) explained how Nicola Ranch came to be selected for the 2022 award. 

“The criteria is basically, nominees must be long time serving ranches with BC ranching history, and their herd must be comprised of Angus and /or Angus influence cattle,” said Miller. 

“It is favourable if they buy and market their Angus cattle in BC.” 

Each year, the Directors of the BCAA submit nominations for the award, which includes a background write up of the nominated ranches and their Angus influence. For 2022, Nicola Ranch was voted the award recipient unanimously. 

Nicola Ranch will be receiving recognition in the BCAA newsletter as well as on the BCAA website and social media channels, and in Canadian Angus Life magazine. A Certificate of Recognition will be presented, along with four embroidered vests from the BC Angus Association. 

“I think it’s great,” said Parkes. 

“It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers.”