Members of the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club (NVFGC) are excited to share their upcoming events with the community as they gear up for a number of initiatives for people of all ages. NVFGC has been a part of the community since 1960, and is a non-profit association. The club said they have many regular events that happen monthly, all throughout the year. 

“We’ve got our regular events like the meetings every third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. out at the gun range where our clubhouse is,” said BJ Moore, president of the club. 

“The meetings are open to everyone, but if you don’t have a membership you would have to either come with someone who has a fob for the gate or call ahead of time so that someone can meet you at the gate to let you in. We also have a work bee out at the gun range every second Sunday of the month where we work on a number of different projects such as building a new shooting shed and maintenance of the existing equipment.If someone has a special skill set like carpentry we always appreciate the extra help, as a bonus for the people who attend the workbees or the regular monthly meetings, the attendees get a $10 off coupon towards their next membership.” 

Whether you are a member or a non-member, the NVFGC is excited to promote their Father’s Day family fishing event. The event is held at Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, which is only 30 minutes away from Merritt. Kentucky and Alleyne are the names of two different lakes located in the provincial park. Their naturally turquoise hue comes from the amount of silt (tiny grains of quartz that can be scattered in the water, ice, or air) that is in the water. Silt bends light beams differently than water which leads to the magnificent blue and green color that some lakes have. 

“The big summer event we have is the Father’s Day family fishing event out at Kentucky-Alleyne. It is hosted by the club but is a provincial event put on by the Freshwater Fishing Society of B.C. (FFSBC) and we work together to promote and put on this event,” said Moore. 

“As always, this event is on Father’s Day Sunday and runs from approximately 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. We have fishing rods and fishing gear as well as people who can help out kids who may not be familiar with fishing and need a hand. We are tied to the day so that means whether it’s rain, sun or snow we will be out there. The weather in Merritt can be different than at the provincial park so bring a raincoat, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure.” 

Having just finished up their annual fishing derby, which was held at Stump Lake for the first time, Moore explained that he is grateful for all the volunteers and sponsors that continuously provide support as they are the “lifeblood of the organization.”

“I’d like to thank all the volunteers and participants at our recent fishing derby out at Stump Lake, and a big thanks to everyone who works behind the scenes to make sure these events can happen now and in the future. It is always a pleasure working with you,” noted Moore. 

The club said that they are looking to try and bring some more events to the community, but until they have confirmation on all of the details, they cannot share what they may be at this time. Moore urged those interested to keep their eye on the club’s Facebook page at