After a busy season on ice, including their final competition of the year, members of the Nicola Valley Skate Club (NVSC) will have the summer to recharge their batteries and hone their skating skills. 

Recently, the club took part in the Super Series STARskate Final, a province-wide competition with over 800 skaters taking place. While a busy weekend, NVSC coaching said that it was a success overall.

“It was a great weekend of competition to end our competitive season,” said Lorenz.

“Many of our skaters are skating at a higher level than their last competition, or their first time competing. NVSC is proud of all our skaters on their accomplishments.”

STARskate 1-5 is a figure skating curriculum taught by Skate Canada approved instructors, teaching the impressive skill to young athletes looking to have a future in the sport. Many STARskate participants have gone on to compete and win at the international level, including the Olympics. 

At their recent STARskate appearance from March 10-12th at Kelowna’s Capital News Centre, NVSC skaters made themselves heard in the competition’s standings. The club’s full results are as follows:

STAR 1: Addison Illingsworth – Silver Ribbon

STAR 1: Aniyah Sekhon – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 2: Meera Dutt – Silver Ribbon 

STAR 2: Aziza Earle – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 2: Everley Russell – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 2: Brooke Gustafson – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 2: Olivia Boone – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 3: Avery Starrs – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 3: Marissa Ouimet – Bronze Ribbon 

STAR 4: Jayda Starrs – 3rd place

STAR 5: Abby Thoms- 22nd out of 36 skaters.

Photo/Diana Lorenz

The NVSC and its skaters also recently held its annual carnival, an exhibition for all its members and a special invited guest. 

“It was a success, and so much fun for our entire club and all our skaters,” noted Lorenz.

“Our guest skater, Calissa Adlem from the Kelowna Skating Club, was a highlight to watch, performing triples, double jumps, and some amazing spin combinations.”

Finishing up their Spring Skate this week, 17 skaters head into the summer after a three week training camp. The NVSC recently hosted Jason Mongrain, a former club member, to put on a skating clinic, which was also well received.

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