There will be no charges stemming from the bus crash that killed four people on the Okanagan Connector last Christmas Eve.

It was an icy night on the Connector, or Hwy. 97C, when a westbound Ebus went off the roadway and flipped near the Loon Lake rest area between Merritt and Kelowna around 6p.m., sending 53 patients to three different area hospitals. A Code Orange was triggered for a mass-casualty event.

British Columbia Prosecution Service spokesman Dan McLaughlin said that after assessing the allegations, Crown counsel made the decision that the standard for any charges to be laid had not been met.

Guidelines say that in order for charges to be approved, there must be a “substantial likelihood of conviction” based on the strength of the evidence as well as the public interest being served in a prosecution.

Driving conditions that night were described by police as “very poor with ice and snow on the road surface along with rain and hail falling.” RCMP wrapped up their investigation in September, recommending charges.