Dear Editor:

When I mentioned the letter to the editor by Peter Voigt to a friend (Government inaction is concerning in Douglas Lake Cattle Co. issue – Aug. 2, 2012), he agreed with Peter’s assessment that the Fraser-Nicola constituency hasn’t witnessed much action from MLA Harry Lali.

He observed that Lali is good for ribbon cuttings, fundraisers, and photo ops, but not much good for getting things done, especially if there is no political gain.

Making the Douglas Lake Cattle Co. and other large landowners abide by the law could quite possibly get messy, and Lali doesn’t have the heart for messy. There was no heat in this assessment, just a casual observation.

Although I know my friend voted NDP last election (and will likely do so again in the spring), he suggested that Merrittonians interested in the issue of ‘illegal restrictions to public lands’ should broaden their sphere to include at least Kevin Kruiger, the Kamloops Liberal MLA, and the Kamloops Daily News. He pointed out that this is a provincial malady and until there is a provincial outcry, MLA’s like Harry Lali aren’t going to do much to safeguard our rights and privileges.

Greg Young

Kamloops, B.C.