If you walk into a downtown business called the Lemonade Stand for a cool drink next month, you might think someone’s playing an April Fool’s Day prank on you.

The Lemonade Stand sells a variety of smoking accessories such as bongs, e-cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, vaporizers and more than 1,000 different types of rolling papers.

Thanks to popular demand, Kamloops-based head shop is expanding into Merritt.

Owner Wesley Lesosky said this will be his company’s second permanent location, and will open at 1922 Voght Street on April 1.

For the past three years, some of the Lemonade Stand’s most loyal customers have been from Merritt.

The store receives a high number of orders placed via phone and the web from this community, Lesosky said.

Lesosky said he doesn’t see many people from Merritt visit his store in Kamloops, so opening one locally to serve Merritt customers made a lot of sense.

“We do have the support out there. We do have the regulars that order from out there, but I think a lot more foot traffic is what we’re looking to pick up,” he said.

The Lemonade Stand’s customer service survey has also shown a high number of respondents come from the Merritt, Lesosky said.

Lesosky has been undergoing the hiring process for the past couple weeks and said four local people will be hired to operate the new store.

“We offer people a unique shopping experience,” Lesosky said.