The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council (NVCAC) had a very eventful 2022. With numerous projects, showcases, and musical performances done this year, the Arts Council looks ahead to 2023 with excitement for what’s in store. 

The Herald reached out to Curator Jano Howarth, to discuss what they have planned for the upcoming year. She, along with and Guest Curator Barbara Sayles, have answered the following questions: 

Can you summarize 2022 for the Arts Council? 

“The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council had an amazing year in 2022! The Director’s Board, the Shop Artisans, our community of artists, and many volunteers pulled off many successful shows, events, and inviting spaces for visitors and programs. From outdoor community art to Spirit Square events, we provided enjoyable community involvement opportunities. The NVCAC’s new Arts Trailer offered mobile shop and art activities to the Farmer’s and Street Markets, Canada Day, Shulus Family Day, and the Garlic Fest. The Gallery held 10 art shows, including two community shows and a recap “Show of Shows” in the summer that recapped the 55 shows the Gallery has had since 2017. Our shop, with local art and creative crafts, attracted many travelers this last year, as well as satisfying a lot of locals, keeping shopping in the community.”

What are some of the changes/improvements that you will be implementing for 2023? 

“We continue to apply for grants available to keep the NVCAC going strong, and bring improvements to our space and interactions with the community. We hope to bring more people in to manage all the projects, programs and initiatives that we want to accomplish.”

What are the things you have planned for 2023 that you are most excited about? 

“The Arts Council plans to continue its seasonal arts and music programs, its collaboration with the City of Merritt for the City Arts programs, and keep the Arts Trailer traveling to local events and markets. We are looking forward to some wonderful and interesting art shows in our small Gallery this year, including artist Wyatt Collins and an upcoming Still Life community art show with guest curator Barbara Sayles. Our plans for this summer include a special Summer Artisan Show, like the successful and beautiful Winter Show that is on now, featuring over 30 artists and artisans. And we have an outreach for a well known local western artist show in the works. We hope to continue having our fun arts and music events in our Spirit Square and participate more in the Fall Fair this year. We are excited to welcome Tia Delaney as Executive Director to the Arts Council, who will help us accomplish all our exciting plans for 2023.”

What are your expectations for 2023? 

“The NVCAC is excited to head into the new year, our 41st year in the Nicola Valley community! We are expecting a great 2023, with the strong foundation of community interaction we’ve built over the past several years. Our move in 2020 to our present location gives us a positive outreach into the town and so many people are coming in now to the Arts Centre, for the shows, the shop, and our programs at the Arts Centre and in the community. We want to continue to support the artists, musicians, and artisans and the abundant creativity in our valley.”

NVCAC will be beginning the year with their ‘Winter Artisan’ showcase, featuring over 30 artists and artisans. This will be followed by their ‘Still Life’ showcase, set to take place early February. 

The Nicola Valley Arts Gallery is located in 2051 Voght Street, and is open to the public Wednesdays to Saturdays 10 a.m. –  5 p.m. and Sundays 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.