Over $120,000 in entrance awards, bursaries, and scholarships were handed out by the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology to students at the beginning of this term. The funding is making it possible for students to access post-secondary education with less financial barriers.

NVIT has awarded approximately $92,000 to 33 Immediate Entry Bursary recipients and approximately $32,000 to 11 Entrance Awards recipients to aid students with their scholastic endeavours. 

NVIT’s Entrance Awards took place on Wednesday, September, 21 at the Merritt Campus’ Lecture Theatre. Students from both Merritt and other parts of B.C. gathered to receive their monetary awards. 

“I can’t believe we gave out that much money,” NVIT Registrar Amanda Street exclaimed. “We wouldn’t be able to do it without the awards donated from community members and organizations as well as the NVIT board of Governors.” 

The Immediate Entry Bursary is awarded to recent high school graduates from School District 58 and other areas in B.C. Street noted that the bursary pays for 30 credits worth of classes, amounting to $2, 784 per student. Among the 33 students awarded, 28 were from SD58.

“We are still continuing to work in getting the word out to other high schools,” she said. “It is a very great resource especially for students that aren’t quite sure what they want to in post-secondary. This gives them the opportunity to at least try out the first year, getting their foot on the door.” 

Applications for Year End Awards will be open early 2023. Students interested in learning more about the awards or how to apply are welcome to call (250) 378-3300 or email advising@nvit.ca

NVIT Entrance Awards Ceremony by Izaiah Reyes