The Province has partnered with the Red Cross to provide a one-time $2,000 payment to Lytton-area households affected by the devastating Lytton Creek wildfire that razed the Village of Lytton in less than an hour on June 30, 2021. This includes households in both the Village of Lytton and those part of the Lytton First Nation.

In addition, all other households in the province under a mandatory evacuation order for more than ten days during the unprecedented 2021 wildfire season will be eligible to receive a one-time payment of $1,200.

These funds will be distributed by the Canadian Red Cross.

“Those who have had to evacuate, and especially those who have lost their homes in the Lytton area, have suffered so much in the last month,” said Premier John Horgan.

“Beyond the current supports to address immediate needs, we’re hoping that by putting cash in the pockets of those who have lost everything, we can help them find some comfort during this difficult time. I want to assure you all that when it comes to recovery and rebuilding, government has your back.”

Emergency Support Services (ESS) has been providing immediate needs to evacuees, who must register with ESS regardless of whether they need services or not.

Services range from information updates to basic needs such as food, clothing and lodging, and emotional support, if necessary.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for people affected by wildfires across B.C,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

“These funds will provide much-needed support for hundreds of families who have been displaced from their homes and communities. We’re working with the Red Cross to get this funding into the hands of people as quickly as possible to alleviate the impacts of prolonged evacuations.”

Evacuated British Columbians can access the support by registering with the Red Cross online at or by calling 1 800 863-6582, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Pacific time). The payments will be sent by e-transfer.

To be eligible for the $1,200 payment, evacuees must be evacuated from their primary place of residence due to an evacuation order for 10 consecutive days or longer. These payments will not impact eligibility for supports provided through the ESS program.

For those impacted by the Lytton fire, applications will be open until Aug. 31, 2021. For those under other evacuation orders, applications will continue to be accepted until 30 days after the evacuation order is lifted.

“We appreciate the support of the Province and the Red Cross to our citizens who have lost so much,” said Village of Lytton mayor, Jan Polderman.

“Their support in delivering this money to our residents, who are spread throughout the province, is just one example of the Province’s commitment to aid the citizens of Lytton. We encourage all residents of Lytton to contact the Red Cross to access this support as soon as possible.”

Approximately 488 people from the Lytton First Nation and nearly 800 people from the Village of Lytton have registered for support through ESS.